Career Opportunities for Disabled Individuals: Explore and Apply

Finding the right job can be a challenging journey for anyone, but for people with disabilities, it can come with additional hurdles. Thankfully, the internet and progressive social movements are making it easier than ever for disabled job seekers to find meaningful employment. At Abled Care Services, we are dedicated to supporting your journey. Today, we’re sharing our top picks for websites that can help you land that perfect job.

The Evolving Job Market for Disabled Individuals

The job market has come a long way since the 1950s. Today, there are numerous opportunities for disabled individuals, thanks to a more inclusive work environment and laws requiring accommodations. Many employers are now more open to remote positions, which eliminates the need for costly workplace adaptations.

However, biases still exist. Some employers may have preferences for specific types of disabilities. Understanding your rights and the accommodations you’re entitled to can help you navigate this landscape effectively.

Key Steps for Disabled Job Seekers

Before diving into the job hunt, it’s crucial to prepare yourself. Here are a few steps to get started:


Time to Complete a Personality Test If you’re unsure about which career path to pursue, consider taking a personality test. These tests can help you identify jobs that align with your strengths and interests. They’re also commonly used by employers to assess potential candidates.
NDIS transport


Set a List of Your Professional Skills Set a Make two lists: one for your hard skills (technical abilities) and one for your soft skills (interpersonal abilities). Cross-reference these lists with job advertisements to see where you might be a good fit.
Professional Skills


Have a Will to Develop Every job will require some degree of learning and adaptation. Approach new opportunities with a willingness to grow and develop your skills.
Have a Will to Develop


Choose a Well-Timed Schedule Consider factors like commute time and your personal comfort when selecting a job. For remote positions, be aware of potential odd hours and ensure they fit with your lifestyle.
Choose a Well-Timed Schedule


Be Aware of the Fraud Job Openings Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. Verify the credentials of any company that contacts you, and ask detailed questions about their inclusivity and support policies.
Be Aware of the Fraud Job Openings

Ability JOBS

AbilityJOBS is one of the largest job boards specifically for individuals with disabilities. It connects job seekers with employers who are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. With its easy-to-navigate platform, you can find jobs that suit your skills and interests.


Disabled Person

DisabledPerson is a non-profit organization that offers a comprehensive job board for disabled individuals. Their mission is to reduce the unemployment rate among disabled Americans. The website provides a plethora of job listings and valuable resources to help you in your job search journey

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JobAccess is an Australian government initiative that offers a variety of services, including job searching, employer resources, and advice on workplace adjustments. It's a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers looking to create more inclusive workplaces.

Inclusive Job Portals

The Field is a groundbreaking job site created by and for people with disabilities. It actively connects disabled job seekers with employers committed to inclusive hiring practices. The platform ensures equitable access to employment opportunities and promotes a more inclusive recruitment process.

Toozly is a free job search website tailored for people with disabilities in Australia. It features thousands of job listings from small to large organizations across various sectors. Toozly also offers resources to help you prepare for job interviews and career development.

Government Resources


Industry-Specific Job Sites

Healthcare Australia specializes in jobs within the healthcare sector, catering to roles for nurses, aged care staff, and medical specialists. If you have a background or interest in healthcare, this site is a great place to find relevant opportunities.

SportsPeople focuses on careers in the sports industry, from coaching to management roles. It's an excellent resource if you're passionate about sports and looking to turn that passion into a career.

Networking Platforms

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can help you connect with professionals in your industry. It also offers job listings and company profiles, allowing you to research potential employers and discover job opportunities that may not be advertised elsewhere.



Finding a job that aligns with your skills and aspirations is possible with the right resources. At Abled Care Services, we encourage you to explore these websites and take advantage of the opportunities they offer. With persistence and the right support, you can achieve your career goals and thrive in an inclusive workplace. Happy job hunting!

By using these resources, you’re taking a proactive step towards finding a fulfilling job that values your unique abilities. Remember, at Abled Care Services, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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