How is NDIS transport funding paid?

Navigating the complexities of NDIS transport funding can be challenging for participants, but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding the various aspects of this funding can ensure that participants receive the necessary financial support. At Abled Care Services, we’re here to help you streamline this process.

Introduction to NDIS Transport Funding

NDIS transport funding can be complex, with various levels, zones, and invoice structures to consider. However, claiming this funding doesn’t have to be a headache. Let’s break down NDIS transport funding, covering what you can claim and how to do it, so participants get the support and compensation they deserve.

Does the NDIS Cover Transportation?

Yes, the NDIS covers transportation costs for participants, provided certain criteria are met. There are also upper limits for some types of transport funding. As an NDIS participants, it’s essential to understand these criteria to ensure proper compensation.


NDIS Transport Allowance for Transporting Participants

Participants may need support workers to transport them to community activities or other supports. This transport falls into two categories:


General Transport​

Specialised Transport

Specialised Transport

NDIS Transport Allowance and Funding Levels for Participants

Participants have a transport allowance to support their attendance at school, work, appointments, and more. The allowance is designed for those unable to use public transport, with three funding levels based on needs:

Level 1

Up to $1,606 annually for community access improvement.

Level 2

Up to $2,472 annually for those working or studying up to 15 hours a week.

Level 3

Up to $3,456 annually for those working, job-seeking, or studying for 15+ hours a week.

How to Invoice and Claim for Transport Costs

Claiming participant transport is a little trickier. Since there is no price limit here, the NDIS has given it a notional price of $1. Let’s say you’ve agreed on a price of $45: you’ll need to submit a payment request of 45 units at $1. Alternatively, your invoicing software may let you speed the process up by creating custom prices. Just make sure that it’s still compatible with NDIS claims.

NDIS Transportation

Claiming Participant Transport

With no price limit for participant transport, the NDIS uses a notional price of $1. For example, if you agree on a price of $45, submit a payment request for 45 units at $1 each. Custom prices can speed up this process, ensuring compatibility with NDIS claims.

Simplifying NDIS Transport Funding Claims

Your time is valuable and should be focused on providing high-quality support.

Navigating NDIS transport funding can be straightforward with the right knowledge and tools. Let Abled Care Services help you simplify the process, ensuring you and your participants get the support needed.

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