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We’re more than just a service provider. We’re a community of caregivers dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients. Experience the difference of after-hospital care that truly cares about you.

Living Free in the Heart of the City

Experience independence and comfort at our Gosford SIL House, where vibrant inner city living awaits. The accommodation is thoughtfully furnished with a bed, lounge, kitchenette, and private bathroom, providing you with your own private space.

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Post-Hospital Care in Gosford



Discover your ideal home with us, tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a comfortable stay within a vibrant community.

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24/7 Support

Your needs come first. Count on round-the-clock support to meet life's essentials while you enjoy the comforts of home.

Registered NDIS Disability Support Services Provider - Allied Health

Personal Care

Experience compassionate support for daily routines like showering, dressing, and hair grooming, making every day a little easier.

Registered NDIS Disability Support Services Provider - Cleaning Services

Household Care

From cleaning to organizing, we're here to assist with household chores, creating a welcoming and tidy space for you.


Skills Training

Unlock your potential with ongoing skill development, paving the way for greater independence and personal growth.

Registered NDIS Disability Support Services Provider -Gardening Services

Other Fun Adventures

Step out into the world with our support, whether it's a shopping trip, a cozy cafe visit, or a relaxing day in the park – we're here to make it happen!


 abled to

Feeling stronger

every day.

Get a place where you are supported, cared for, valued and accepted. A place where you can truly be yourself.


 abled to

Feeling stronger

every day.

Get a place where you are supported, cared for, valued and accepted. A place where you can truly be yourself.

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Types of accommodations

Find the best suitable accommodation

We’ll find the perfect home to cater to your specific needs, fostering community and comfort.

STA, or Short Term Accommodation, is your stepping stone to independent living. Ideal while waiting for funding or seeking new experiences. NDIS usually approves 28 days of STA funding yearly, depending on your situation.

MTA, or Medium Term Accommodation, offers temporary housing during transitions or changes. Eligible when you’re moving into a new home and need a place to stay for up to 90 days, while arrangements like building modifications are made. We provide care and support alongside your accommodation in our Vertical Villages.

SDA, or Specialist Disability Accommodation, offers housing options for those with extreme functional impairment or high support needs. At Abled Care Services, we specialize in contemporary, accessible apartments for SDA-funded participants, making independent living seamless.

As a carer, While focusing so much on caring duties, it is easy to forget to focus on ourselves. Respite helps to give you the breather that you need to maintain a healthy balance between caring and your personal life.

THREE STEPS TO get NDIS Supported Disability Accommodation in Sydney

How to get support?​

Talk to us​

Call us on +61 433 055 511 to find out more about how we work and how we can support you. We also enjoy getting out and about, so if you’d like to meet face to face, we’ll come to you.​

Discuss your goals​

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and will put together a plan with you, showing the services you’ll receive from us.​

Get Your Support

You will be matched with an appropriate support worker who aligns with your goals and your personalized services will commence.

Not an NDIS participant?

Don’t worry! We offer services, groups and day programs to non-NDIS participants. You can fund supports privately or find other locally-based funding options outside of the NDIS. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your options and how we can best support you.

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Have questions about our services?​

We got you covered​

To be eligible for SDA housing you must be an NDIS participant with a permanent disability who has very high support needs that require specialised disability housing.
In deciding whether you are eligible, the NDIA uses these initial broad criteria, which it applies to all funding support applications.

The SDA support must:

  • assist a participant to reach their goals and aspirations
  • facilitate the participant’s social and economic participation
  • represent value for money, relative to benefits achieved and costs of alternative supports
  • be good practice and is likely to be beneficial to the participant
  • consider what’s reasonable for parents, carers, informal networks and the community to provide
  • be most appropriately funded through the NDIS.

The NDIA will ultimately determine if you are eligible based on your specific application.

To be eligible for Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding you must be an NDIS participant with a permanent disability and need high levels of support from people throughout the day, every day, with daily tasks such as personal care and meal preparation.

You may be eligible for SIL funding but not SDA funding.

To get SDA funding you must be an NDIS participant and apply to the NDIA to have it included under Capital Supports in your NDIS plan.

SDA is usually assessed for inclusion at existing plan reviews. You submit a change of circumstances application. The application process is extensive and you need to be thorough and address every assessment criteria.

You don’t need to have identified a particular house, apartment or group home to test for SDA eligibility. You can get SDA in a plan to be able to use in the future. This is particularly important if the health of the person with the disability, or their parents or carers, starts to deteriorate.

Here are five steps to getting SDA funding into your NDIS plan.

  • Get funding and support to explore housing options – a Support Provider and Allied Health worker can be invaluable
  • Develop a housing goal
  • Develop a life vision
  • Assess SDA eligibility
  • Submit the SDA summary and evidence (SDA Housing Plan) to the NDIA.

The maximum rent contribution you can be charged is 25% of your disability support pension plus 100% of any Commonwealth Rental Assistance you receive. This will usually be significantly less than market rent. The balance of the rent is provided via the NDIS from your SDA housing funding in your plan.

Are all living costs included in my rent?
No. Your rent doesn’t cover your in-home support (Supported Independent Living) costs for people to provide you with care and support. It also does not cover daily living costs, such as groceries and utility bills.

NDIS participants pay to live in specialist disability accommodation rentals. This includes paying rent and for Supported Independent Living (SIL) services and other living costs.

Taxpayers subsidise the cost of SDA via NDIS payments to the person with a disability.

Rent is paid out of SDA funding in a person’s NDIS plan. They may be required to make a “reasonable rent contribution” but this is capped at 25% of their disability support pension, plus any Commonwealth Rental Assistance they receive.

SIL costs are paid out of separate funding pool in a person’s plan.

In line with the important NDIS principles of choice and control, SDA payments are paid to the person with a disability under Capital Supports in their NDIS plan.

Applying for SDA housing can take time because you need the NDIA to approve SDA in your NDIS plan. The application is extensive and you may have to wait until your annual plan review for the application to be considered.

You don’t have to have a specific SDA dwelling in mind to see if you are eligible. You can get SDA in a plan to use in the future.

Start thinking about SDA and getting assessed for eligibility if

  • you are moving, or want to move out of your parents’ home
  • your current housing is putting you or your carers at risk
  • you are living with aging parents
  • you are living in a group home and want to or need to leave
  • you are stuck in hospital with no access to appropriate housing
  • you are living in residential aged care.
  • It can take up to 12 months to get SDA into an NDIS Plan so you should start early.


Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Our Impact

Embracing Possibilities Beyond Limitations

Abled Care Services has been a game-changer for my brother. Their personalized approach hasn't just removed hurdles; it's opened doors to experiences he never thought possible. His rediscovered zest for life is a testament to the impact that genuine support can have.

older business man
Michael A.

From Overwhelm to Ease

The daily tasks that were once overwhelming have become moments of relief, thanks to Abled Care Services. Their team's dedication to providing seamless care has given my father the comfort he deserves. He now experiences a level of independence that we thought was unattainable.

professional doctor
Jessica M.

A Beacon of Light in Isolation

Abled Care Services has been a lifeline for my mother. The companionship she receives goes beyond assistance – it's a true connection that has alleviated the isolation she once felt. With their support, she now embraces life's joys and finds solace in the company of caring souls.

close up portrait
Heather N.

15+ Years of Experience

A Trusted Brand Name in Sydney.


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